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Hello lovely people!

I am back for the second and final part of my Post-Christmas Haul in which I show you the things I bought with money and gift cards I received for Christmas! If you want to check out Part 1, you can follow this randomly named link CLICK ME! SEE PART 1! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO! and if you want to see what gifts I received for Christmas you can click on this less odd link here.


This first item I bought is from Daiso, which is like a Japanese dollar store in case you don’t know. But instead of having things that are super junky, they have super cute super junky things! There is one near both of my places in Washington and California, and there was actually one near my dorm in Seoul, South Korea. So basically, they’re all over the place!


This is just a set of two pink mesh bags with floral trim, one small and one medium sized, and you use them to pack clothes in for travel. The label shows a shirt being placed in the medium one and toiletries in the small one, but I’m actually going to use them for my underwear. I travel quite a bit and the one thing that really bothers me is when my underwear gets tossed around and unfolded so when I saw this really cute one (for $1.50!), I decided to pick it up.


This next item was also $1.50 from Daiso, and it’s a cute little ceramic bowl with scalloped edges. It has blue vertical links and is rimmed in brown.


It’s quite small and exactly what I needed for my rings. I hate going to a lot of trouble to put away and take out tiny little rings every time I wear them, especially when I’m in a hurry and have 50 billion rings to stack on my fingers, so I bought this little dish to just throw them in. It’s a dainty little bowl and I think it’s really pretty to have on my shelf.


The last things I bought in my week of shopping were two photo albums, one white and one black, both with gold accents on the trim and spine. Each hold 100 photos and are pretty standard small sized photo albums.

I studied abroad twice and have not yet gotten around to printing my photos from my trips abroad, so I bought one for each semester I spent overseas! (Actually, I had bought a photo album over the summer that I tried to use and then realized the pages were such awful quality that it wasn’t worth putting my photos in it. What a waste…) I picked up both of these at the Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store for a total of $5.23 (photo albums were 40% off!).



That wraps up my Christmas related posts, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what I’ve purchased recently!

Ciao ciao,



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