Triangl Bikini - Bibi Mare Blue Tie-Dye
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Takin’ it to the Top with Triangl!

If you’ve spent any time on Instagram, you’ve seen Triangl bikinis.

They blew up on social media and brands like Victoria’s Secret have even tried to copy Triangl’s signature neoprene swimsuits. But I’ve always had my eye on THE scuba-sweet OG. And I FINALLY own one!

Triangl Bikini - Bibi Mare Blue Tie-Dye

Swimsuit: Triangl (Bibi Mare); Sunglasses: Forever 21; Sandals: zulily

Full disclosure, the lovely team at Triangl recently contacted me to send me a complimentary bikini from their new arrivals. And let me tell ya, it was a hard decision. It literally took me days to figure out which one I wanted. Partially because I’m grossly indecisive, but also because I’m greedy and I want them all.

I finally decided on the Bibi Mare, which is a beautiful sea blue tie-dye. I went with the regular bottoms instead of the cheeky style because I wanted that extra bit of coverage. It’s a lovely classic bikini shape that shows off a bit of cheek but is totally modest enough to wear on a family vacay.

I’m obsessed with the fit of the top. It has a sturdy clasp closure, darts and a double shoulder strap design, not a halter strap (so it doesn’t exaggerate my wide, football player shoulders). Also, there are no ties on the top or bottoms, which is exactly what I had been looking for since ties tend to bulge under coverups and I don’t really go for the hunchback look these days.

I took advantage of their online Live Chat to help me find my correct size and they totally nailed it. Seriously impressed since sizing is usually an issue for me.

The one drawback is that these swimsuits are hand wash, hang dry only and need to be carefully stored so they don’t form creases. So they’re not really designed for people who want easy-as-pie care.

But, it’s neoprene. And it offers awesome shape. So, worth it? For me, yes.

Do you own a Triangl swimsuit? Or maybe a cheaper version? I’d love to know your thoughts on the neoprene swimwear trend in the comments! I’ll totally respond and prove I’m a real human being!

Ciao for now,


Swimsuit: Triangl (style is Bibi Mare)

Sunglasses: Forever 21

Sandals: zulily

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#ShareConfidence with Woolite and Dress For Success

As a woman in my early 20s, confidence is something I struggle to maintain.

It’s hard. Someone or something may knock you off-balance a bit–a harsh comment or a bad job interview. Some mornings, I can’t find the right outfit that makes me feel awesome or my hair has decided to take a sick day and I just can’t tame the frizz.


The truth is, most days I feel great about myself and I’m lucky to have genuine, supportive friends and family who remind me of my intelligence and beauty when I need an extra little boost. But being a confident, bright, wonderful woman doesn’t mean that there aren’t times when we feel less than.

And that is why I’m sharing Woolite’s #ShareConfidence campaign with you all!


Woolite Darks teamed up with Dress For Success to photograph women looking confident in their dark outfits during Fashion Week. They then asked them if they’d be willing to literally give the clothes off their back to help empower other women to feel just as confident in their dark outfits. Check out the video below for their reactions!

Every woman, whether they exude boldness or not, can use a confidence pick-me-up once in a while. I know I can!

Here’s to all you beautiful and smart ladies (and men!) reading this. Let me know in comments below what you do to #ShareConfidence!


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Twitter: @imashleykim

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by the lovely people at Woolite Darks.

Black Crushed Velvet Skater Dress | I Think It's Ashley
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2015 Holiday Party Outfit…Inspired by The Black Tux!

Black Crushed Velvet Skater Dress | I Think It's Ashley

When it comes to celebrating the holidays, I’m all in.

I’m not satisfied until I’ve gone to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, participated in a Gingerbread House Making Contest, and brewed up a pot of mulled wine (or two, or three). That being said, it’s probably no surprise that I look forward to putting together a Christmas-inspired party outfit every year, and this year is no exception.

I don’t have any galas or balls to attend this Christmas (but here’s hoping that I become a princess in 2016!) so my party dress needs are for something casual and fun. I’ve opted for a black, crushed velvet sleeveless skater dress this winter.

Black Crushed Velvet Skater Dress | I Think It's Ashley

It’s a very simple LBD but the texture of the fabric keeps it from being boring.

Black Crushed Velvet Skater Dress | I Think It's Ashley

Black Crushed Velvet Skater Dress | I Think It's Ashley

It’s a basic scoop neck with a scoop back that I’ve paired with chunky black platform heels that I got in Seoul, South Korea. I love these shoes because they’re so comfortable to wear throughout the night. The incline isn’t that high but they make me a lot taller because of their thick platforms.

Black Crushed Velvet Skate Dress | I Think It's Ashley

As for makeup, I’ve decided to go with a super simple eye look and bold red lips. I’ve chosen one of my favorite statement reds, MAC’s Viva Glam Rihanna.

MAC Lipstick Viva Glam Rihanna | I Think It's Ashley

This red tends to feather after a while so I made sure to use a lip liner underneath so that I can spend the whole evening sipping sparkling cider without worrying where my lipstick is on my face.

MAC Lipstick Viva Glam Rihanna | I Think It's Ashley

I wanted my lips to be the statement piece so I left my eyes simple. I just lined my upper lashes with a bit of black liquid mascara, keeping the line super thin. If you have larger double eyelids, go for thicker mascara. I don’t have a large lid so keeping my eyeliner thinner actually makes my eyes appear larger.

12-7-15 Black Tux-Makeup

Swipe on some thick mascara. DISCLAIMER–I used Covergirl’s Clump Crusher Waterproof mascara in black and don’t like it. It’s build-able if you really want to take the time, but doesn’t give you that bold falsies look. My lashes are weak in this photo but I thought I’d leave my lashes as-is and recommend against this product. I love Maybelline’s eyeliners and am especially loving Lash Sensational right now!

2015 Holiday Makeup Look | I Think It's Ashley

Lastly, I parted my hair in the middle, gathered it into a low, loose ponytail and pulled out a few strands in the front. My hair is too short for a bun but go for a bun if you have longer hair!

Black Crushed Velvet Skater Dress | I Think It's Ashley

Now that I have my holiday party outfit sorted, I want to make sure my date comes prepared, too!

I love The Black Tux’s Holiday Party Style Guide for tips on how to style your look AND your date’s look this holiday season. Going casual like I am? Headed off to a work function? Or do you have a ball to attend? (I’m jealous if you do!) They have a super simple guide that makes styling your holiday outfit effortless!

The Black Tux Holiday Party Style Guide | I Think It's Ashley

And if your date doesn’t own a tux, check out their super cheap, customizable tuxedo rentals. I’d love for my date to come in a matching velvet suit like this one (wink wink):

The Black Tux Velvet Suit | I Think It's Ashley

Velvet Jacket Tuxedo from The Black Tux (Rent coat and pants for $125)

Are you going to dress up or dress down for your holiday parties this year? Let me know in the comments!


This post was inspired by the lovely people at The Black Tux! 
Vogue Magazine July 2015, Cara Delevingne
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Snapshot of a Morning With Vogue July 2015

As a self-proclaimed creature of the night, night owl, and nocturnal being, I’ve never been a fan of mornings. I liked sleeping in and waking up only when the sun was bright enough to slap me awake. I considered everything before 10 a.m. “the middle of the night” and did not care for morning coffee or watching the sun rise.

Vogue July 2015, Cara Delevingne

Flash forward to the post-grad chapter of my life, and I’ve found myself converted to the dark side (or should I say, the light side). Waking up at 7 a.m. for work every morning has shifted my sleeping patterns and I now find myself naturally and (more) easily waking up in the a.m. And you know what? I don’t mind it anymore. In fact, I sort of enjoy it.

I try to start my morning early enough to give myself an extra 30 minutes so that I can have a peaceful, slow awakening. I take the time to scroll through my Instagram, watch a few YouTube videos (some of my favs are Zoella, Tanya Burr, Shane Dawson, Trisha Paytas, The Saccone-Jolys), watch some news, or read a couple articles.

Vogue July 2015, Cara Delevingne

My mornings this week began with me flipping through the pages of Vogue’s July 2015 edition, with Cara Delevingne on the cover. First of all, love her. Her edgy humor and attitude make her even more untouchably cool than her supermodel style. Second, Vogue hit two nails on the head this month with not only Cara but also a spread of Adrien Brody in a Wes Anderson-esque photoshoot with model Natalia Vodianova.

Vogue July 2015, Adrien Brody, Wes Anderson

I mean look at them. Regardless of the fact that I have a huge crush on Adrien Brody and Wes Anderson is my favorite director, can we all agree that they embody this French-Italian vibe that makes them irrésistible? Sigh. Be mine, Adrien.

Vogue July 2015, Adrien Brody, Wes Anderson

How do you all like to start off your mornings? A nice cuppa joe & the morning paper? A croissant with jam? A redbull and some wings? Let me know in the comments!

Ciao for now,


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Spring Break in the Southwest

It’s spring break and I’m spending it in the American Southwest!

I’m expecting tons of sun, lounging by the pool, outdoor activities, and drinking with old friends. Could it get any better than that?

Some of my spring break travel essentials include: a bright colored swimsuit, Revlon Matte Balm, cute sunnies, and a small zip bag to throw all my miscellaneous items in when I’m sitting poolside!

LA, Orange County, San Diego, and Arizona…here I come!

Let me know what your plans are for spring break in the comments!



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Valentine’s Day OOTD 021415

20150213-155142.jpgLast Valentine’s Day I was not single but spent the day with a girlfriend in Verona, Italy at the Verona in Love Festival (writing a letter to Juliet, writing a letter as Juliet, and seeing a minute-long kiss fest..uh, gross). Spending the day with Juliet and her bae Romeo was pretty amazing.20150213-155148.jpgThis year, I spent today with another girlfriend, although again, I’m not single (luck just is never on my side with these things).

20150213-155202.jpgWe spent the day at Newport Beach (where are Marissa and Ryan?!), soaking up the sun (be jealous, East Coasters), seeing a pod of dolphins swim by, eating In n’ Out, and drinking wine. So, pretty much perfect.

20150213-155215.jpgAlthough I had no romantic date today (we celebrated a few days early since we knew we wouldn’t be able to on the actual day), this is my Valentine’s Day outfit (description below).

20150213-155220.jpgI bought this dress last year for a wedding but the back lace detailing is so romantic and the jewel blue color is perfect for a candlelit dinner so I think it works perfectly for Valentine’s Day.


Dress: ASOS

Shoes: Steve Madden

Phone Case: Kate Spade

Eyeliner: Kat Von D ink liner, Trooper

Lipstick: MAC Viva Glam Rihanna (frost red)

Hope you all had a great day today, whether you celebrated Valentine’s Day/Galentine’s Day or not (I don’t particularly care for this day except that I love candy and I love pink hearts…you can find me at the grocery store tomorrow buying discount chocolate!!).




OOTD 020715





Top: Hollister

Maxi Skirt: H&M Florence

Wedges: Steve Madden

Wishbone Earrings: Nordstrom

Studs: Boutique in Seoul

Phone Case: Kate Spade

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