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Hey lovely people!

We’re well into January and, yes, I am still celebrating Christmas! As I mentioned in my What I Got for Christmas 2014 post, I received some money and gift cards this year so the first week of the month, I took my Christmas money to the mall to treat myself to a rare shopping trip. And let me tell ya, those four hours at the mall flew by!

I wanted to show you all what I bought as I am really excited about everything! As a broke college girl, getting to go on a shopping spree is really rare for me, so when it happens, I get REAL EXCITE.


My first stop was to Forever 21 where I bought two packs of skinny silver rings, both regular and midi. I’m definitely late to the midi trend but Forever 21 is so cheap and had some daintier looking styles (I have SUPER FAT and stubby size 8 fingers so I try to avoid chunky rings that truncate the length of my fingers and accentuate the width).


One pack contained plain silver rings with a few rhinestone ones ($3.80), the other had silver rings with the same smooth band but cool designs (couldn’t find it online, was about $6.80). (Pardon the hand wrinkles…)


My favorites are the twisted knot rings, the midi one looks like a pretzel, yummm.


Also at Forever 21 I got this insanely soft and comfy cowl neck sweater in a fleck pattern of soft blue, white, and dark gray. I couldn’t find this exact one on their website but you can type in ‘cowl neck sweater’ and see other options.


I’ve pretty much worn this every time I’ve stepped out of the house since I bought it, I love it that much. I’ll be mentioning it later on the blog, so if you want to hear more about my recent sweater purchases, stay tuned.


Okay, don’t judge me for this one, but I bought myself a onesie. Yes, adult footie pajamas are now in my life, it’s white and fuzzy and has a bunny hood and I am NOT ashamed! Being 22 never felt as good as when 1) TSwift released her ode to 22 and 2) I put this bad bunny on.

I actually bought everyone in my family a onesie for Christmas this year and have a really hilarious family picture of all of us in them! Dad is Batman and brother is Superman, both with pockets and detachable capes, mom is a french bulldog and sister is Minnie mouse, both of theirs have hoods. The photo shall never be released but the fact it exists is priceless.


I’m not going to show you what I got from Lush just yet because I’ll be doing another post on them (you can see that here), but I bought my first two bath bombs that I am really excited to try out. (Hint: I bought one for the scent, the other because I want my bath to look pretty.)

I got a few other random things with some of my Christmas money that I will show you in my next post, so look out for Post-Christmas Haul Part 2 (you can now find that here)!

Also, comment down below what you got or gave for Christmas or what you’ve bought recently, I love hearing about what other people like as personal inspiration!

Ciao ciao,