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#ShareConfidence with Woolite and Dress For Success

As a woman in my early 20s, confidence is something I struggle to maintain.

It’s hard. Someone or something may knock you off-balance a bit–a harsh comment or a bad job interview. Some mornings, I can’t find the right outfit that makes me feel awesome or my hair has decided to take a sick day and I just can’t tame the frizz.


The truth is, most days I feel great about myself and I’m lucky to have genuine, supportive friends and family who remind me of my intelligence and beauty when I need an extra little boost. But being a confident, bright, wonderful woman doesn’t mean that there aren’t times when we feel less than.

And that is why I’m sharing Woolite’s #ShareConfidence campaign with you all!


Woolite Darks teamed up with Dress For Success to photograph women looking confident in their dark outfits during Fashion Week. They then asked them if they’d be willing to literally give the clothes off their back to help empower other women to feel just as confident in their dark outfits. Check out the video below for their reactions!

Every woman, whether they exude boldness or not, can use a confidence pick-me-up once in a while. I know I can!

Here’s to all you beautiful and smart ladies (and men!) reading this. Let me know in comments below what you do to #ShareConfidence!


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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by the lovely people at Woolite Darks.

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Who’s on Instagram & Twitter?

I’m feeling like discovering new feeds & people today. I’d love to connect with you all on Instagram & Twitter! You can find me at @imashleykim on both!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve added me at either place so I can follow you back! 


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Homemade Christmas and Holiday Cards

Card Making Art Supplies | I Think It's Ashley

When my siblings and I were kids, my mom used to have us make homemade Christmas cards for our family every year. As younger kids, we could draw pictures on blank cards. When we got a little older, different art supplies were thrown into the mix. When we got to be pre-teens we started complaining. “I’m not good at drawing, I don’t want to make a card! I’m too old to be drawing a card!”

But my mom insisted.

“Homemade cards are thoughtful. It’s a nice thing to do. I made homemade cards until I was in my 20s!”
Christmas Card Making | I Think It's Ashley

20s?! That was sooooo olddddd. We laughed at the idea of my mom, in her 20s, making homemade Christmas cards during the holidays.

Well, here I am in my early 20s, still making homemade cards during the holidays…and actually enjoying it now. When I went away to college, I started missing doing arts and crafts. I suppose when you don’t have time to do little creative DIY things, you start to miss it. It’s relaxing. And I enjoy making things with my hands. It’s rare for me these days.

Christmas Tree Card | I Think It's Ashley

Some years I go all out and do nice cards. With a busier schedule, sometimes I keep it super simple. This year, most of my cards were pretty simple.

I found a couple leftover sheets of scrapbook paper in our family’s arts and crafts box and pulled those out. I grabbed a few spools of ribbon, one shiny gold spool and one ball of twine, and laid it all out. What can I make?

I went with a couple simple designs, some Christmas/Holiday trees, baubles, and pennants. I think simple designs without too much going on can look really clean and pretty.
Christmas Tree Card | I Think It's Ashley

Bauble Christmas Card | I Think It's Ashley
Pennants Flag Christmas Card | I Think It's Ashley

Then I wanted to do a couple jazzed up Christmas cards so I took out a few more sheets of colored construction paper and went to town.  Homemade DIY Christmas Card | I Think It's Ashley

I have to say, the last one is my favorite. How cute is that little fireplace? But I try to make a different card for each person at my house on Christmas day so that nobody gets the same thing. That means I make 5 cards (at least) every year. So I usually turn to some easy to execute ideas that still have a nice homemade vibe.

I hope these cards give you some inspiration if you’re planning on making your own holiday cards.

Do you enjoy receiving homemade cards or would you prefer a store bought one? Let me know if my mom was right in the comments! 🙂


Black Crushed Velvet Skater Dress | I Think It's Ashley
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2015 Holiday Party Outfit…Inspired by The Black Tux!

Black Crushed Velvet Skater Dress | I Think It's Ashley

When it comes to celebrating the holidays, I’m all in.

I’m not satisfied until I’ve gone to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, participated in a Gingerbread House Making Contest, and brewed up a pot of mulled wine (or two, or three). That being said, it’s probably no surprise that I look forward to putting together a Christmas-inspired party outfit every year, and this year is no exception.

I don’t have any galas or balls to attend this Christmas (but here’s hoping that I become a princess in 2016!) so my party dress needs are for something casual and fun. I’ve opted for a black, crushed velvet sleeveless skater dress this winter.

Black Crushed Velvet Skater Dress | I Think It's Ashley

It’s a very simple LBD but the texture of the fabric keeps it from being boring.

Black Crushed Velvet Skater Dress | I Think It's Ashley

Black Crushed Velvet Skater Dress | I Think It's Ashley

It’s a basic scoop neck with a scoop back that I’ve paired with chunky black platform heels that I got in Seoul, South Korea. I love these shoes because they’re so comfortable to wear throughout the night. The incline isn’t that high but they make me a lot taller because of their thick platforms.

Black Crushed Velvet Skate Dress | I Think It's Ashley

As for makeup, I’ve decided to go with a super simple eye look and bold red lips. I’ve chosen one of my favorite statement reds, MAC’s Viva Glam Rihanna.

MAC Lipstick Viva Glam Rihanna | I Think It's Ashley

This red tends to feather after a while so I made sure to use a lip liner underneath so that I can spend the whole evening sipping sparkling cider without worrying where my lipstick is on my face.

MAC Lipstick Viva Glam Rihanna | I Think It's Ashley

I wanted my lips to be the statement piece so I left my eyes simple. I just lined my upper lashes with a bit of black liquid mascara, keeping the line super thin. If you have larger double eyelids, go for thicker mascara. I don’t have a large lid so keeping my eyeliner thinner actually makes my eyes appear larger.

12-7-15 Black Tux-Makeup

Swipe on some thick mascara. DISCLAIMER–I used Covergirl’s Clump Crusher Waterproof mascara in black and don’t like it. It’s build-able if you really want to take the time, but doesn’t give you that bold falsies look. My lashes are weak in this photo but I thought I’d leave my lashes as-is and recommend against this product. I love Maybelline’s eyeliners and am especially loving Lash Sensational right now!

2015 Holiday Makeup Look | I Think It's Ashley

Lastly, I parted my hair in the middle, gathered it into a low, loose ponytail and pulled out a few strands in the front. My hair is too short for a bun but go for a bun if you have longer hair!

Black Crushed Velvet Skater Dress | I Think It's Ashley

Now that I have my holiday party outfit sorted, I want to make sure my date comes prepared, too!

I love The Black Tux’s Holiday Party Style Guide for tips on how to style your look AND your date’s look this holiday season. Going casual like I am? Headed off to a work function? Or do you have a ball to attend? (I’m jealous if you do!) They have a super simple guide that makes styling your holiday outfit effortless!

The Black Tux Holiday Party Style Guide | I Think It's Ashley

And if your date doesn’t own a tux, check out their super cheap, customizable tuxedo rentals. I’d love for my date to come in a matching velvet suit like this one (wink wink):

The Black Tux Velvet Suit | I Think It's Ashley

Velvet Jacket Tuxedo from The Black Tux (Rent coat and pants for $125)

Are you going to dress up or dress down for your holiday parties this year? Let me know in the comments!


This post was inspired by the lovely people at The Black Tux! 
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The 5 Best Dreamy IGers

My love for Instagram has spiraled out of control. 9 out of 10 times I unlock my phone, it’s to open that little brown camera app and scroll through other people’s photos, endlessly commenting and double-tapping.

I fear I may be developing carpal tunnel from all the liking I do. Someone even messaged me on Facebook one day asking if I had a ‘bot’. Um, nope. I’m really just that consumed with photos of Ladurée macaroons, Nike Roshes, and latte art.

That being said, I feel like I’ve found some amazing photographers, artists, travelers, and fashion & beauty gurus and thought I would share them with you on the blog!

First up are my top picks for The 5 Best Dreamy IGers. You can find me at:



1. @inesybarra_


A Peruvian art director and photographer, Ines Ybarra‘s mix of people, places, and things will make you feel like you’re floating through a misty dreamscape.

2. @caaamilaaaaaa


Camila is a Colombia-born, Salt Lake City-based photographer who shoots for Free People. Her feed is a blend of muted pink, pearl, and pale blue photos of landscapes and fashion. One scroll through her feed will have you wishing you wanting to take an indie-gypsy-camping trip of your own.

3. @mnders


Amanda Koch is an Instagrammer from Seattle (woop woop, hometown pride!). Her photos are of her travels all over but have that cloudy muted feel of rainy Washington state. A good mix of artistic selfies, nature, and architecture, you’ll love scrolling through her account.

4. @yung_tsundere


Think American Apparel meets creepy doll under the glow of a pink convenience store sign at night. Yeah, that sounds about right. There isn’t much to find out about the girl behind the account, but that’s what adds to her mystique.

5. @oliviab33


You may know Olivia Bee as being the uber young photographer from Portland, Oregon but she’s grown up and moved to New York since her sudden burst into the spotlight. Her photography bounces back and forth between dreamy and nightmare-y, and neither end of the spectrum disappoints.

Who are some of your favorite dreamy Instagrammers? Comment them below or let me know on IG:



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Island White Pineapple Bath & Body Works Hand Soap Review

I never used to be a huge fan of Bath & Body Works because I can be pretty sensitive to harsh fragrances. The idea of walking in to the store threatened to give me a headache and I just didn’t see the point.

Island White Pineapple | I Think It's Ashley

Island White Pineapple

It wasn’t until the past few years that I really discovered some great Bath & Body Works scents and products that I adore. And now…I’m hooked!

I tend to avoid the lotions and hand sanitizers because I find wearing the scents to be too much still. But I love the candles and hand soaps because they’re the good kind of strong (and you can blow out the candle when it gets to be enough).

Island White Pineapple | I Think It's Ashley

“Like a 60-second manicure…”

I really love the Island White Pineapple scent and picked up this hand soap, TWICE. I purchased the Deep Cleansing version with the microbeads that exfoliate. It also says it contains Aloe and Vitamin E.

Island White Pineapple | I Think It's Ashley

Microbeads for exfoliation

It’s a thick hand soap and my only complaint is that it can get kind of gooey around the pump and clump up. It suds up nicely and a little goes a long way–no need for a full pump with this one.

Island White Pineapple | I Think It's Ashley

Good suds

Bath & Body Works describes the scent like this:

“From the sun-drenched palm trees of Honolulu, to the crystal blue waves of tropical Maui, to the golden sand beaches of Oahu, experience Hawaii like never before!”

Island White Pineapple | I Think It's Ashley

After you rinse there is a strong, juicy scent on your hands

My personal description of the scent is: juicy, exactly like pineapple, makes you crave Dole Whip, and leaves you feeling energized from that citrusy smell.

In summary…

Scent? My favorite Bath & Body Works soap scent by far. It’s a real pineapple scent but more intense. The scent stays on your hands after you rinse them and it’s pretty strong. I had someone compliment me on it actually! Haha

Price? I got this on sale for $3 (I wouldn’t normally find it necessary to shell out $6.50 for hand soap, which is the regular price).

Effectiveness? Gets the job done, didn’t dry out my hands, not antibacterial which is better for you anyway!

Would I repurchase? I did repurchase at sale price, so yes!

What’s your favorite Bath & Body Works scent? Let me know in the comments below! I love good recommendations!


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Thank You California Scrub Co. + The Boho Socialite!

California Scrub Co. Spicy Chai Body Scrub

A couple weeks ago, an awesome Instagrammer I follow, @thebohosocialite, ran a giveaway with California Scrub Co.…and I won! I wanna tell you guys a bit about my experience with this giveaway because I think it’s a great testament to the awesome fashion blogging community.

First, I was super excited to win this giveaway because, let’s face it, who ever expects to win anything through an IG giveaway? My package with the California Scrub Co. body scrub came and I could tell right away that the postal service had done something baaad with the package. It was dripping oil and delivered in a plastic bag (always a good sign, right?).

I let The Boho Socialite know that the package came but the product was destroyed and I accepted it as a lost. It’s a giveaway after all, and the post office was the one that messed up. It was no big deal. To my surprise, she told me she would see if she could have a replacement scrub sent to me. The awesome people over at California Scrub Co. told me they’d have another one sent out to me and within a few days, I received another (perfect condition) scrub in the mail!

The point of my long story is that the sweetness of these fashion bloggers is real and it was awesome to see how far above and beyond both parties went in order to get the scrub to me. I want to thank both The Boho Socialite and California Scrub Co. for their kindness and after finally having been able to try out the Spicy Chai scrub they sent me, I can say I’m in love!

The Boho Socialite Blog Photo

Check out The Boho Socialite on her blog and on Instagram if you want to obsess over her style with me.

California Scrub Co. Site

Also make sure to check out California Scrub Co. on their site and on Instagram for an equally bohemian vibe. I love their scrubs because they’re organic (so my skin is happy) and they use upcycled coffee beans, 100% recycled paper for their labels, and use glass jars, not plastic (so the environment is happy, too!).

Ciao for now,