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Everyone Baby Collection Review

Big news, everyone. I’ve joined the Aunt club!

My first nephew was born just a few weeks ago and I couldn’t be more in love with him. I could literally sit and watch him sleep for hours. Creepy? Yes. Insanely adorable? Absolutely.

Everyone Baby Collection | I Think It's Ashley

Everyone Baby Collection

So when I heard EO Products was launching its Everyone Baby Collection in May 2016, I figured the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Their products are just the thing a conscientious parent (or obsessive Aunt) looks for when carefully choosing what to apply to their little one’s soft skin. And they’re great for adults with sensitive skin (or anyone who just wants a little bit of quality pampering!).

Everyone Baby is…

  • Certified non-GMO
  • Cruelty-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Synthetic fragrance-free
  • Gluten-free
  • And made with organic ingredients and natural scents!

That’s a long list of a lot of good stuff, right?

The awesome team sent me their Baby Wash, Baby Lotion, and Baby Wipes to test out (retail prices listed at the end). They have two gentle, soothing scents that smell light and baby-fresh: Calming Chamomile + Lavender and Gentle Calendula + Oat.

I genuinely love both of these scents and would be hard-pressed to choose a favorite. If it was a do-or-die situation, I’d probably say I favor the Chamomile + Lavender. I usually don’t have an affinity for lavender, but in these products it’s subtle and smells like fresh meadow air, not a cloying lavender perfume.

The Baby Wash contains coconut-derived cleansers for a natural bath time. As a big fan of the properties of coconut, it’s a great selling point.

The Baby Lotion is hypoallergenic and made with nourishing and yummy things like olive oil and mango seed butter (I don’t know what that is, but it sounds kind of amazing, am I right?). I’ve included photos of the ingredients label for each of the products so you can take a longer look at what you’re putting on baby!

We have yet to test the wipes but they’ll probably be thrown into a diaper bag since they’re the perfect small size for travel. They’re also flushable and have a sticky resealable flap that you can’t see in these photos.

I would definitely suggest checking out these products for your wee one or for yourself if you like to avoid harsh chemicals in your skincare. They’re available in Whole Foods or on the EO Products website, and they’re definitely affordable (see retail prices below). They’d also make a great baby shower gift if you don’t have a bitty baby of your own to spoil!

Let me know your thoughts on the new Everyone Baby line in the comments! Would you try them out?

Thanks for reading!


Everyone Baby Wash (12.75 fl oz): $7.99

Everyone Baby Lotion (8 fl oz): $6.99

Everyone Baby Wipes (30-ct.): $5.99

Just a heads up!: These products were sent complimentary for testing purposes. Thanks so much!

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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Deep Cleansing Foaming Cream

I really admire French girls. They always seem so confident, so effortlessly put together. From their fashion sense to their hair to their natural makeup, what’s not to love about French style?

I started combing through the internet to find real tips from real French women about how to achieve that French look. I landed on one recurring theme: French beauty is all about having flawless skin.

Ah, skincare. I knew where to refocus my efforts.

I did my research and came up with certain brands and products that I found French style icons and models naming over and over. Vichy, Bioderma, La Roche-Posay, Avene, Embryolisse.

I wanted to start with a great face wash since my Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub was running out.

I started with La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar Deep Cleansing Foaming Cream. I chose this product as my everyday face wash after reading that it is great for clogged pores and blackheads, which is a problem area on my nose.

I used a guide I found online to determine which face wash of theirs to purchase. I wanted something deep cleansing and non-medicated, as I don’t have a problem with acne and have dry patches that I didn’t want to exacerbate.

I’ve included the guide below as a reference in case you want to find a good product for your skin type and needs:

Skin Guide 1/2


Skin Guide 2/2

  The results?

I absolutely love this product.

It comes in a creamy, white, fluffy gel consistency and a little goes a long way. I just squeeze out a pea-sized amount onto my fingers and work it into a lather over my wet face. It doesn’t get super bubbly, but rather really silky and foamy.

And it gets the job done. I have large pores in my T-Zone area and blackheads on my nose. This is probably the most effective product I’ve used to help with those issues (and I’ve tried many, many products). After really taking the time to work in the La Roche-Posay Effaclar face cream, it takes a little extra effort to really make sure you get the product completely off your face, otherwise you’ll be left with a slight residue. It’s not going to be as effective if you’re not willing to put in the extra bit of work to really use this face wash correctly. But if you want results, you have to put in the time. And it’s worth it.

It doesn’t leave my face overly dry like some cheap face washes can do, but it cleans your pores really well so be prepared to moisturize after use. It’s not as gentle as my Aveeno face wash that I’ve been using, but it’s not supposed to be. It’s meant to really clean deep into pores.

It’s on the pricier side if you’re used to buying cheaper drugstore skincare (I purchased mine from Amazon for about $23 for 4.2 oz or 125 ml) but since you use so little of it, I suspect it will last you a long time.

Once I finally manage to use this product up, I will likely repurchase it since it does wonders for my large pores. However, you really have to keep up use of this product in order to see consistent results.

If you want that flawless French face, no slacking on your skin routine!

Let me know if you’ve tried La Roche-Posay products before or if you use any other Frenc skincare products! I’m dying to try out more!


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Thank You California Scrub Co. + The Boho Socialite!

California Scrub Co. Spicy Chai Body Scrub

A couple weeks ago, an awesome Instagrammer I follow, @thebohosocialite, ran a giveaway with California Scrub Co.…and I won! I wanna tell you guys a bit about my experience with this giveaway because I think it’s a great testament to the awesome fashion blogging community.

First, I was super excited to win this giveaway because, let’s face it, who ever expects to win anything through an IG giveaway? My package with the California Scrub Co. body scrub came and I could tell right away that the postal service had done something baaad with the package. It was dripping oil and delivered in a plastic bag (always a good sign, right?).

I let The Boho Socialite know that the package came but the product was destroyed and I accepted it as a lost. It’s a giveaway after all, and the post office was the one that messed up. It was no big deal. To my surprise, she told me she would see if she could have a replacement scrub sent to me. The awesome people over at California Scrub Co. told me they’d have another one sent out to me and within a few days, I received another (perfect condition) scrub in the mail!

The point of my long story is that the sweetness of these fashion bloggers is real and it was awesome to see how far above and beyond both parties went in order to get the scrub to me. I want to thank both The Boho Socialite and California Scrub Co. for their kindness and after finally having been able to try out the Spicy Chai scrub they sent me, I can say I’m in love!

The Boho Socialite Blog Photo

Check out The Boho Socialite on her blog and on Instagram if you want to obsess over her style with me.

California Scrub Co. Site

Also make sure to check out California Scrub Co. on their site and on Instagram for an equally bohemian vibe. I love their scrubs because they’re organic (so my skin is happy) and they use upcycled coffee beans, 100% recycled paper for their labels, and use glass jars, not plastic (so the environment is happy, too!).

Ciao for now,


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May Empties!

Life is weird. I keep waiting around for the moment when I am going to become an adult. I still say things like, “When I grow up…” and, “I’m not ready to be an adult!” But I just graduated from university, packed up my apartment, and am moving states.

All this ‘moving on’ has me really nostalgic, I suppose, because I have found myself really craving the old school blogger and YouTuber posts/vids lately. I love that my favorite YouTubers are growing up, too, but sometimes I just really want a good old-fashioned haul video.



That being said, I thought I would collect my used up products this month so I can do an EMPTIES post! I’ve never done one before but I have to say, gathering up my empty bottles and products was extremely satisfying. In grade school, the best feeling would be when I would completely use up the ink in a pen or completely finish a tube of lip balm. Looking at my pile of empties was that type of satisfaction x1000.

So here we go, my May 2015 Empties!




I’m starting off pretty weird with this one, but seeing as I spent half my time sick this month, it only seems appropriate to mention the insane amount of vitamins I took. I took a full bottle of Airborne and then this full bottle of Wal-born (the cheaper Walgreens brand) plus a bunch of other additional vitamins.



I don’t know if candle qualify for empties, but I burned them out and I’m obsessed with candles so…why not? I got this Trick-Or-Treat candle at Bath & Body Works last fall and finally finished it this month. It has a super sweet marshmallow scent that I like, but is strong enough that I only needed to burn it 10 minutes at a time to fill up my whole room with a full scent. Hence why it lasted so long.


I love citrus scents and this Lemon Verbena B&BW candle was heavenly for me. It’s a good spring/summer transition scent and is very sweet but not as overpowering as the Trick-Or-Treat candle because it is balanced by the lemon.



This Big Island Bamboo candle is probably my favorite of the three, but I got it in the mini size so it only lasted a few days. It’s a more nature-smelling scent than the others and sort of reminds me of a warm spring morning.




My mom got me these Trader Joe’s facial cleansing pads and I was wary of them for a long while. Once I tried them, I actually sort of liked them. They’re really strong and can sting your skin if it is sensitive (and your eyes even if you avoid the eye area). I’m assuming there was alcohol in them which would cause the irritation? But I love tea tree oil and my face felt REALLY clean after using them. I would swipe them gently over my face after washing my face sometimes even and it would still take off dirt and oil residue so I feel like they’re really effective at cleaning skin.



My sister got me a bunch of Seacret products for my birthday and Christmas and they are so moisturizing and lasted me a long time. This body lotion has a scent that I’m not a huge fan of (but it didn’t bother me, just smells generic) but it absorbs into skin quickly, leaves it smooth, and doesn’t leave it sticky.



My facial skincare routine has been in constant flux the past few years as my skin has developed super dry patches. Living in southern California, I think the pollution and increased sun exposure are both the blame. That being said, this Aveda botanical kinetics face cream is amazing. It hydrates my face without leaving it feeling oily or greasy. It didn’t do the tough job of tackling my eczema-like dry patches but the rest of my normal-type skin felt great after using it. Expensive, but would repurchase.



I made the mistake of walking into B&BW to “just look” and walked out with three products. This was one of them. The salesman was really great at his job and completely convinced me I loved this scent, Paris Amour. I like it, not head-over-heels about it, but it smells nice. Overall though, I am not a fan of B&BW lotions. They’re generally pretty sticky and the scents are a little much.



I got this little travel size Soap & Glory Hand Food hand lotion while in London last spring (actually, I got a few of them…) and I am super sad that it’s gone. It has this really juicy smelling scent that isn’t B&BW-overpowering and is really creamy. Would definitely repurchase at Sephora in the states, although it won’t feel as special as when I bought it in London.



Can I even put sunnies in my Empties post!? This is more of a stretch than the candles, but I actually used these sunglasses until the point where they were cracking. Retired sunglasses that survive being lost, dropped, or sat on deserve to be in this post. I loved them and went back to Target to try to find an identical pair but couldn’t…so I bought the closest looking ones!



Bought this while in Paris. Doesn’t work but I used it up anyway. Oh well.



Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Pink Truffle. My favorite YLBB lip color ever. It’s practically lip balm with how moisturizing it is but the color is great and neutral. My lips are naturally a bit darker with brown and sort of mauve tones and this lipstick is what I wear when I want to look like I’m not really wearing lip color. Am 100% going to repurchase.



From left to right: Orange Creme Blistex lip balm with SPF 15, Baby Lips with SPF 20, and the Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle. The Orange Creme smells exactly like one of those popsicles which makes me want to eat it but it is a little thick and ‘cheap’ feeling on my lips (because it was cheap). Baby Lips is Baby Lips and most people know if they like it or not. I think it is really moisturizing but this scent was kind of boring (wait, was there even a scent? If so, it was forgettable).


And, that’s it! All my May 2015 Empties. Ah, what a good feeling using up the last drops of all of these products.


What products have you used up this month? Let me know in the comments!


Ciao for now,