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What’s Your Favorite MAC Lipstick Shade?

I’m curious to know what everyone’s favorite MAC Lipstick shades are!

  I like Viva Glam Rihanna and Syrup, my favorite has to be Ladybug, though! It’s an easy to wear Lustre Red shade. It was my first MAC lipstick and will always be a nostalgic shade. 

Let me know your favorite shades in the comments! Definitely ready to pick up a new color.

And check me out on Instagram to see what other people commented are their favorite shades! I post flatlays, beauty, style, and fashion pics! (Oh, and the occasional food pic…can’t resist ūüė¨)

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Drugstore Haul

When I go to Walgreens to pick up a prescription and my friend asks me to check for something in the cosmetics section… 

It was supposed to be an in-and-out trip!!!
However, I was in need of new concealer and I found the new Wet n Wild Photofocus Setting Spray for only $4.99. Can’t beat that!

(The Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Redness Control was $9.49 and the L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Concealer in warm Light/Medium was $10.49.)

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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Deep Cleansing Foaming Cream

I really admire French girls. They always seem so confident, so effortlessly put together. From their fashion sense to their hair to their natural makeup, what’s not to love about French style?

I started combing through the internet to find real tips from real French women about how to achieve that French look. I landed on one recurring theme: French beauty is all about having flawless skin.

Ah, skincare. I knew where to refocus my efforts.

I did my research and came up with certain brands and products that I found French style icons and models naming over and over. Vichy, Bioderma, La Roche-Posay, Avene, Embryolisse.

I wanted to start with a great face wash since my Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub was running out.

I started with La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar Deep Cleansing Foaming Cream. I chose this product as my everyday face wash after reading that it is great for clogged pores and blackheads, which is a problem area on my nose.

I used a guide I found online to determine which face wash of theirs to purchase. I wanted something deep cleansing and non-medicated, as I don’t have a problem with acne and have dry patches that I didn’t want to exacerbate.

I’ve included the guide below as a reference in case you want to find a good product for your skin type and needs:

Skin Guide 1/2


Skin Guide 2/2

  The results?

I absolutely love this product.

It comes in a creamy, white, fluffy gel consistency and a little goes a long way. I just squeeze out a pea-sized amount onto my fingers and work it into a lather over my wet face. It doesn’t get super bubbly, but rather really silky and foamy.

And it gets the job done. I have large pores in my T-Zone area and blackheads on my nose. This is probably the most effective product I’ve used to help with those issues (and I’ve tried many, many products). After really taking the time to work in the La Roche-Posay Effaclar face cream, it takes a little extra effort¬†to really make sure you get the product completely off your face, otherwise you’ll be left with a slight residue. It’s not going to be as effective if you’re not willing to put in the extra bit of work¬†to really use this face wash correctly. But if you want results, you have to put in the time. And it’s worth it.

It doesn’t leave my face overly dry like some cheap face washes can do, but it cleans your pores really well so be prepared to moisturize after use. It’s not as gentle as my Aveeno face wash that I’ve been using, but it’s not supposed to be. It’s meant to really clean deep into pores.

It’s on the pricier side if you’re used to buying cheaper drugstore skincare (I purchased mine from Amazon for about $23 for 4.2 oz or 125 ml) but since you use so little of it, I suspect it will last you a long time.

Once I finally manage to use this product up, I will likely repurchase it since it does wonders for my large pores. However, you really have to keep up use of this product in order to see consistent results.

If you want that flawless French face, no slacking on your skin routine!

Let me know if you’ve tried La Roche-Posay products before or if you use any other Frenc skincare products! I’m dying to try out more!


LUSH Bath Bomb Review | I Think It's Ashley
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Christmas LUSH Bath Bomb Haul!

I’ve never been a big bath fan.

They’re hot. They hurt my neck. They leave the bathtub all sudsy and your fingers all prune-y.

It wasn’t until I didn’t have a bath anymore that I really started missing being able to take one. I endured 4 years away at college without being able to pamper myself in the tub. But now, just after college graduation, I finally have a tub again. And, boy, have I mastered the art of taking a bath.

I’ve found that perfect warm-but-not-scalding-hot temperature, learned to keep the door open while filling up the bathtub so that the bathroom doesn’t get overwhelmingly steamy, and have been using LUSH bath bombs‚Äďthe perfect mix of light, delicious fragrances and beautiful H2O colors.

LUSH Bath Bomb Haul | I Think It's Ashley

For Christmas, I got 3 LUSH Bath Bombs. I’m fairly new to their products‚ÄďI’ve used a couple of their bath bombs (Pink and Butterball), love their stick fragrances, and keep my Mint Julips Lip Sugar Scrub in my makeup bag at all times. I’ve loved the bath bombs in the past, so I was really excited to try out three new ones: Golden Wonder, Lord Of Misrule, and The Experimenter.

LUSH Bath Bomb Review | I Think It's Ashley

From Left to Right: Golden Wonder, Lord Of Misrule, The Experimenter

I’ve only had a chance to try out The Experimenter, but I will make sure to do a review on all 3!

Hope you all had a great holiday season and Happy 2016! Thanks for being awesome readers!


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Graze Box #2 Review!


How the Graze Box arrived in my mail box

I’ve never really been one for subscription boxes. I love the idea of getting something in the mail, and of trying new products, but I couldn’t really justify the amount I would have to spend every month. I heard about the Graze Box from YouTuber Blogilates¬†and decided to give it a try.


Graze Box upon opening

I received my first box earlier this month and wrote a review on the small snack pack I received that contained 4 snacks (you can read that post here).

This is the first full sized Graze Box I have received. It comes with 8 snacks inside and the total cost is $11.99 (that includes shipping!). You can tailor your snack preferences on their site and decide which snacks you would or would not like to receive. You can find full details on how their site works and what the boxes look like on my first post on Graze.


Each box comes with a Nutrition Facts sheet for each of the snacks in your box that week or month.


As a reference for size, I’ve compared one snack container to a pack of gum and a tube of ChapStick. They are fairly small, as you can see, so the snacks are all pretty light.


One thing I will say about the snacks is that they are not completely full. I turned them all on their side so you could see how full each container is. Some are only half full while others, like the flapjacks, have a bit more in them. Here is a quick review of each of the snacks that were sent to me this month:


1. Tuscan Pest Kern Pops 

It contains Cheddar Popped Corn Kernels and Mini Basil Breadsticks. I think this was probably my favorite snack of the whole bunch. The Basil Breadsticks were really satisfying and the Corn Kernels had a nice crunch much like Corn Nuts.


2. Honeycomb Crunch

With milk chocolate honeycomb, almonds, and raisins, I thought I would fall in love with this one. The almonds and raisins are just that, and although I normally like honeycomb type candies, I couldn’t help but feel like mine had a funny flavor. They tasted a little off but the texture was perfect‚Äďcrunchy and snappy.


3. Triple Berry Smoothie

This has mini strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, & chewy banana. I saw Blogilates review this one on her channel and how she loved it, so I wanted to as well. Unfortunately, the chewy bananas didn’t live up to what I had expected. I love bananas and I did enjoy the texture, but the taste was, again, off. The strawberries were wonderful, however, and it did make up for the bananas in my opinion. I enjoyed it overall.


4. Sour Cream & Garlic Crostini

All I have to say is, they did not skimp on the garlic! I ate these and definitely had fire breath afterwards, so I wouldn’t recommend eating this snack in a public setting. It came with Sour Cream & Onion Cashews (which I enjoyed very much) and Garlic Crostini (which I also enjoyed, but were strong enough to fend off Dracula. Just sayin’.).


5. Lemon Drizzle Flapjack

I’m torn on these. I loved the Apple Flapjacks from my first box, and I just liked these. At 13 grams of fat for this small container alone, I’m sort of inclined to say I would not seek this out as a snack. It is like a granola bar made with rolled oats but less chewy and more cake-like. The second ingredient is non-hydrogenated margarine and you can tell in its consistency.


6. Brooklyn Bites

This snack contains Cheese flavored cashews, roasted pumpkin seeds, and poppyseed pretzels. This was another one of my favorites from this box. It’s a mostly savory box but the sweetness from the cashews mixed with their cheesy dust adds a little sweet & savory mix that is kind of nice.


7. White Chocolate Dip with Wild Blueberry Toasts

Belgian white chocolate dip and wholemeal wild blueberry toasts. I really wanted to enjoy this but didn’t. The Blueberry Toasts were really bland on their own and too sweet with the white chocolate. They didn’t have much of a blueberry flavor in my opinion and I didn’t even care to finish off the rest of the tiny container.

Graze Box December 2015 | I Think It's Ashley

8. Thai Tom Yum Soup

It comes with Thai Tom Yum Paste, Rice Noodle Pieces, Dried Zucchini, and Dried Red Peppers. This is the only one I haven’t tried, but I love Tom Yum and really hope it’s good! I will update once I’ve tried it.

Overall, I am pretty underwhelmed with this box. I’ve cancelled my subscription. Of the total of 10 snacks that I have actually tasted¬†from Graze, I’ve only really enjoyed maybe 4 of them, and that’s just not enough to justify spending $11.99 on a box of 8 small snack containers.

Let me know if you’ve tried Graze in the comments below. I’d love to hear if you had any snacks you loved or disliked!


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Homemade Christmas and Holiday Cards

Card Making Art Supplies | I Think It's Ashley

When my siblings and I were kids, my mom used to have us make homemade Christmas cards for our family every year. As younger kids, we could draw pictures on blank cards. When we got a little older, different art supplies were thrown into the mix. When we got to be pre-teens we started complaining. “I’m not good at drawing, I don’t want to make a card! I’m too old to be drawing a card!”

But my mom insisted.

“Homemade cards are thoughtful. It’s a nice thing to do. I made homemade cards until I was in my 20s!”
Christmas Card Making | I Think It's Ashley

20s?! That was sooooo olddddd. We laughed at the idea of my mom, in her 20s, making homemade Christmas cards during the holidays.

Well, here I am in my early 20s, still making homemade cards during the holidays…and actually¬†enjoying¬†it now. When I went away to college, I started missing doing arts and crafts. I suppose when you don’t have time to do little creative DIY things, you start to miss it. It’s relaxing. And I enjoy making things with my hands. It’s rare for me these days.

Christmas Tree Card | I Think It's Ashley

Some years I go all out and do nice cards. With a busier schedule, sometimes I keep it super simple. This year, most of my cards were pretty simple.

I found a couple leftover sheets of scrapbook paper in our family’s arts and crafts box and pulled those out. I grabbed a few spools of ribbon, one shiny gold spool and one ball of twine, and laid it all out. What can I make?

I went with a couple simple designs, some Christmas/Holiday trees, baubles, and pennants. I think simple designs without too much going on can look really clean and pretty.
Christmas Tree Card | I Think It's Ashley

Bauble Christmas Card | I Think It's Ashley
Pennants Flag Christmas Card | I Think It's Ashley

Then I wanted to do a couple jazzed up Christmas cards so I took out a few more sheets of colored construction paper and went to town.  Homemade DIY Christmas Card | I Think It's Ashley

I have to say, the last one is my favorite. How cute is that little fireplace? But I try to make a different card for each person at my house on Christmas day so that nobody gets the same thing. That means I make 5 cards (at least) every year. So I usually turn to some easy to execute ideas that still have a nice homemade vibe.

I hope these cards give you some inspiration if you’re planning on making your own holiday cards.

Do you enjoy receiving homemade cards or would you prefer a store bought one? Let me know if my mom was right in the comments! ūüôā


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First Graze Box! (& How You Can Try it Free!)

Snack subscription boxes are like beauty subscription boxes’ less popular but more relatable friend. (Psst! If you’re here for the goods, AKA FREE STUFF, you can find the code at the bottom of this post!)

Graze Box | I Think It's Ashley

I’m not subscribed to any beauty boxes (yet!) but when I heard Blogilates talk about the Graze box on her YouTube channel, I knew I had to use her code for a free first box and give it a try!

The first free box arrived in my mailbox at the beginning of December, as pictured above, with two plastic strips slid on to hold the box shut. Isn’t the box so festive?! Extra points for the reindeer ūüôā

When I opened the Graze Box, the lid had a cute holiday print. On the top was a slip of paper. That slip of paper has the Nutrition Facts for all four snacks inside the box.

Graze Box Nutrition Information | I Think It's Ashley

You can go ahead and make your own decisions about how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ these snacks are for you. Of course, the free box only came with four snacks and there are dozens more possibilities,¬†like soups and flavored popcorn.

Now onto the goodies!

Graze Box | I Think It's Ashley

This box was free and comes with 4¬†snacks. I went online and rated each snack before they were sent to me. You can mark them as Trash, Try, Like, or Love. If you Trash the snack, they won’t ever send it to you. If you mark it Love, they’ll make it first priority to go into your next box. Mark it Try if you want to try it and Like if you liked it but don’t need to prioritize it to go into your next package.

I received four snacks: three I marked as Try, one I marked as Love because I wanted to make sure I could try it!

Clockwise from top left: Peach Cobbler (peach fruit drops, almonds, yogurt seeds & amaretti drops), Thai Sweet Chili Bites (sweet chili sauce with baked soy bites), Apple & Cinnamon Flapjack (rustic rolled oat flapjack with apple and cinnamon), and Zesty Chili Lime Cashews.

For a size comparison of the snack containers, I put it side-by-side with a pack of Trident gum. You can see that they’re pretty small portions and they’re not filled to the brim either. When I turned the cashews on the side, they were only 2/3 of the way full. The Peach Cobbler was only half full. But keep in mind that they’re meant to be portion-controlled snacks to help you make better choices!

Graze Box Flapjacks| I Think It's Ashley

The Apple Cinnamon Flapjacks are quite tasty, but there are 12 grams of fat in the one container, so maybe they taste good because of the margarine and sugar?

Graze Box | I Think It's Ashley

I haven’t tried the other three snacks because I’m going to give a couple of them to other family members to try, but I will be ordering at least one more normal size box (8 snacks for $11.99). After that, I’ll make up my mind to continue or discontinue my Graze Box!

Graze Box Coupon | I Think It's Ashley

If you’re interested in getting your 1st¬†and 5th box free, you can use my coupon code above! If you want to copy/paste, the code is:


There is no catch to signing up. You have to put in card information but you will get the first box¬†free and can cancel after the free box if you find it’s not for you. I was planning to just try the first box but when I clicked ‘cancel’, they offered me an 8 snack box for only $5.99, which is half off and only 75¬Ę per snack (+ free shipping!).

And honestly, I like what I see so far so I might keep going with Graze! They even put a cute little joke inside the box…

Graze Box Joke | I Think It's Ashley

Have you ever tried Graze or any other snack subscription box? What’s your favorite subscription box, food or otherwise? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter (@imashleykim)!

Happy snacking!


Code for 1st and 5th box free: 2ZYRC9CKB