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The 5 Best Dreamy IGers

My love for Instagram has spiraled out of control. 9 out of 10 times I unlock my phone, it’s to open that little brown camera app and scroll through other people’s photos, endlessly commenting and double-tapping.

I fear I may be developing carpal tunnel from all the liking I do. Someone even messaged me on Facebook one day asking if I had a ‘bot’. Um, nope. I’m really just that consumed with photos of Ladurée macaroons, Nike Roshes, and latte art.

That being said, I feel like I’ve found some amazing photographers, artists, travelers, and fashion & beauty gurus and thought I would share them with you on the blog!

First up are my top picks for The 5 Best Dreamy IGers. You can find me at:



1. @inesybarra_


A Peruvian art director and photographer, Ines Ybarra‘s mix of people, places, and things will make you feel like you’re floating through a misty dreamscape.

2. @caaamilaaaaaa


Camila is a Colombia-born, Salt Lake City-based photographer who shoots for Free People. Her feed is a blend of muted pink, pearl, and pale blue photos of landscapes and fashion. One scroll through her feed will have you wishing you wanting to take an indie-gypsy-camping trip of your own.

3. @mnders


Amanda Koch is an Instagrammer from Seattle (woop woop, hometown pride!). Her photos are of her travels all over but have that cloudy muted feel of rainy Washington state. A good mix of artistic selfies, nature, and architecture, you’ll love scrolling through her account.

4. @yung_tsundere


Think American Apparel meets creepy doll under the glow of a pink convenience store sign at night. Yeah, that sounds about right. There isn’t much to find out about the girl behind the account, but that’s what adds to her mystique.

5. @oliviab33


You may know Olivia Bee as being the uber young photographer from Portland, Oregon but she’s grown up and moved to New York since her sudden burst into the spotlight. Her photography bounces back and forth between dreamy and nightmare-y, and neither end of the spectrum disappoints.

Who are some of your favorite dreamy Instagrammers? Comment them below or let me know on IG:




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