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Island White Pineapple Bath & Body Works Hand Soap Review

I never used to be a huge fan of Bath & Body Works because I can be pretty sensitive to harsh fragrances. The idea of walking in to the store threatened to give me a headache and I just didn’t see the point.

Island White Pineapple | I Think It's Ashley

Island White Pineapple

It wasn’t until the past few years that I really discovered some great Bath & Body Works scents and products that I adore. And now…I’m hooked!

I tend to avoid the lotions and hand sanitizers because I find wearing the scents to be too much still. But I love the candles and hand soaps because they’re the good kind of strong (and you can blow out the candle when it gets to be enough).

Island White Pineapple | I Think It's Ashley

“Like a 60-second manicure…”

I really love the Island White Pineapple scent and picked up this hand soap, TWICE. I purchased the Deep Cleansing version with the microbeads that exfoliate. It also says it contains Aloe and Vitamin E.

Island White Pineapple | I Think It's Ashley

Microbeads for exfoliation

It’s a thick hand soap and my only complaint is that it can get kind of gooey around the pump and clump up. It suds up nicely and a little goes a long way–no need for a full pump with this one.

Island White Pineapple | I Think It's Ashley

Good suds

Bath & Body Works describes the scent like this:

“From the sun-drenched palm trees of Honolulu, to the crystal blue waves of tropical Maui, to the golden sand beaches of Oahu, experience Hawaii like never before!”

Island White Pineapple | I Think It's Ashley

After you rinse there is a strong, juicy scent on your hands

My personal description of the scent is: juicy, exactly like pineapple, makes you crave Dole Whip, and leaves you feeling energized from that citrusy smell.

In summary…

Scent? My favorite Bath & Body Works soap scent by far. It’s a real pineapple scent but more intense. The scent stays on your hands after you rinse them and it’s pretty strong. I had someone compliment me on it actually! Haha

Price? I got this on sale for $3 (I wouldn’t normally find it necessary to shell out $6.50 for hand soap, which is the regular price).

Effectiveness? Gets the job done, didn’t dry out my hands, not antibacterial which is better for you anyway!

Would I repurchase? I did repurchase at sale price, so yes!

What’s your favorite Bath & Body Works scent? Let me know in the comments below! I love good recommendations!



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