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NEW Covergirl Intensify Me Liquid Eyeliner Review


Covergirl Intensify Me Liner

I recently ran out of the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, which I got as a gift and loved, and needed a new liquid liner. I didn’t want to splurge on an expensive brand so when I heard Trisha Paytas mention the new Covergirl Intensify Me Eyeliner in her September 2015 Favorites video, I had to try it out.

The gimmick with this eyeliner is its shape. It’s thin-ish on its side and thick on the other side, like a paddle. I like the shape of it, although the thin side isn’t thin enough for my taste. It’s intuitive for me to use–with a little twist of the wrist you can make a fast, thick cat eye.

Covergirl Intensify Me Liquid Eyeliner (Thick Side)

Covergirl Intensify Me Liquid Eyeliner (Thick Side)

That’s sort of where what I like about this liner ends for me. The color isn’t dramatically dark (I bought the color Intense Black) and the liner is really dry and doesn’t run smoothly out of the felt tip.

Covergirl Intensify Me Intense Black

I have oily lids, I sometimes have trouble with liners smudging, and I definitely ran into that problem with this liner. I would have preferred to purchase a waterproof formula but couldn’t find it in either Walgreens or Target (Target sold it much cheaper in the area where I live, by the way).

Covergirl Intensify Me Liquid Liner

Liner on my eyes, not my favorite

Covergirl Intensify Me Liquid Liner

It does make a good thick cat eye, though. I got compliments on it!

Maybe they don’t offer waterproof yet because it is such a new product, but because of the dryness of the felt tip, I wouldn’t purchase this again.


I’m glad I tried the Covergirl Intensify Me Liquid Eyeliner because the tip is a very unique shape but I won’t be finishing this product.

Summary of the Covergirl Intensify Me Liquid Eyeliner:

Price: Cheap

Shape: Love the paddle tip, makes a great thick cat eye. Not a good choice for people who like thin tips.

Formula: Not very dark, dries pretty light, smears on my oily eyelids. Does not come out smoothly from the felt tip, comes out dry.

Would I buy again?: No.

Overall Rating: 3/10

Have you tried the Covergirl Intensify Me Liquid Eyeliner? What did you think? Any suggestions of what liquid eyeliner I should try next? Let me know in the comments!



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