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‘The Art of Casual Networking’ on!

Oh boy, has it ever been a busy month. Preparing for college graduation (and the rest of my life thereafter) has been a pretty daunting task. In the past month I’ve spent all of my time and energy applying to jobs and internships for after graduation (well, not all of my energy. I saved some to watch the season finale of GIRLS and then binge on SVU…gotta give yourself a break every now and then, right?).

In the midst of my job search, I have thought a lot about how I can boost my chances of finding a job and one word kept jumping out at me: NETWORKING.

For an introvert like myself, it can be hard to network. The word itself makes me anxious. But networking doesn’t have to mean putting on business attire and attending professional networking events. It can be as easy as…well…talking to your dentist*.

I’ve had an awesome time writing articles for InternMatch and for those of you who want my advice on how to network the EASY way, check out my article, “The Art of Casual Networking”.

It’s a short, easy-to-read, helpful article on how to easily market yourself in everyday life. I’d love it if you would take a look and leave a comment, it really helps out!

Again, thanks for all your support. I love this blogging community, you’re all so supportive in everyone’s endeavors!



*There is a follow-up story here. Read the article to hear about it!


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