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Bath & Body Works Haul!

I’d like to lie and say that I’m not addicted to candles, but honestly? ADDICTED. There is something about lighting up a nice candle that smells like a hot summer night, salty beach water, watermelon lemonade, musk, or pumpkin spice that just sets the mood in the best way.20150306-152730.jpg

Needless to say, I am addicted to Bath & Body Works candles. I am a girl, I am basic, and I can’t help but pop in the store and smell at least one or two or ten candles, even if I can’t actually afford one at that moment. So when I casually walked into a B&BW in San Diego at the end of January, I was beyond giddy to find out it was their big annual sale. And I do not disappoint…I did not walk out empty-handed. Nuh-uh. No way.20150306-152913.jpg


I made out with a 3 wick Lemon Verbena candle, a small Bergamot Woods (by far my favorite smelling candle EVER that I burned through in less time than I’d care to admit), a tiny Fresh Balsam candle that is probably the freshest nature scent I’ve smelled of theirs and also my favorite holiday scent, an Iced Blackberries hand cream, and three hand soaps: Iced Blackberries, Cocktails & Confetti, and Love, Peach & Joy.

I purchased the Lemon Verbena separately, but all the rest came out to less than $10. I mean…WHAT? I didn’t even feel guilty for buying all of that (unnecessarily, I might add).

One of my favorite parts of their candles is the descriptions of their scents. If you guys are interested in reviews of products I buy, let me know in the comments. Also, let me know what your favorite B&BW scents are, I’d love some recommendations for my next spree!




2 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works Haul!

  1. Nice candle picks! Citrus ones are among my favorites, so I totally get why you got bergamot- and verbena-scented ones. I kind of miss the fall releases, just because I find their waffle-scented products so amusing.


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