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Lush’s ‘Butterball’ Bath Bomb Review

In my last post, I talked about how I fulfilled my long overdue dream of trying out Lush products and made the prettiest pink bath (check out the link for my thoughts!). I only bought two things at Lush that day, although I could have bought so many more things, and here is the second item!

Lush’s Butterball Bath Bomb!

It’s described as “beautiful butter cream hydration for the skin.”

20150120-182605.jpgTo be honest, I didn’t buy this bath bomb for its looks. If this bath bomb were a person, its appearance would be sort of a Plain Jane with mousey brown hair and acne spots, unlike the ‘Pink’ bath bomb who is likely a beauty guru with perfectly manicured nails and an IG on fleek.


But the smell of this one was UHHHHHH…UH-AMAZING. It’s probably a psychological thing because of the name, but the scent is what I imagine Butterbeer to be in bath bomb form. So all you HP nerds, holla.

Our vanilla-scented Bath Bomb is anything but boring when you lay back into a cozy white blanket of creamy, buttery froth. This little fizzer is the ultimate in comfort with chunks of creamy cocoa butter; it’s fantastic for rehydrating dry skin. Baths can dry your skin if they’re too hot, so if you’re in need of a long, lingering bath pop one of these gorgeous beauties into the tub for a vanilla custard soak to lull you into a deep relaxed state – and leave with sweeter, softer skin.



What this bath bomb lacks in fun colors and designs, it totally makes up for in scent and practicality. This bath bomb does what it says-it nourishes the skin leaving it feeling incredibly soft and rehydrated. The photo above proves why it has its name–when the bomb fizzed away, it left these spots of oil floating in the tub that look just like melted butter. It kind of looks like diarrhea water, let’s be real, but I can assure you that it is only similar in appearance, not smell.


See what I mean about the diarrhea water though?



After the bath bomb is done fizzing, there are a few bubbles on the surface of the water that dissipate quickly and you are just left with the ‘buttery’ water. It’s not a bath bomb that you want to get your hair in (unless you need a deep oil treatment) as I can imagine it will make your hair greasy, but my skin felt amazingly moisturized after. It was so oily that I was slipping around while laying in the tub. True story.

20150120-182704.jpgI enjoyed my Butterball bath with a little white wine (if I’m going to be indulgent, might as well be really indulgent) and a little YouTube for good measure.

If you have any good Lush product recommendations, please let me know in the comments because I would love to go back and try out more things!

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9 thoughts on “Lush’s ‘Butterball’ Bath Bomb Review

  1. RockandRollcurvesVStheworld says:

    I haven’t tried this one but now you’ve mentioned Harry potter (I’m watching the deathly hallows as I type) I’m going to have to!!!
    Also I’ve had butter beer at the Harry potter studios and it’s AH-MAZING!!!


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