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Lush’s ‘Pink’ Bath Bomb Review


For many years now, I’ve been a fan from afar of Lush’s products. I hadn’t ever used them but loved their principles, scents, and product designs. I had, of course, seen all of the endless YouTube reviews of Lush products (and loved them) but sometimes it can be a little off-putting seeing a product or brand pushed so hard by so many people. So I never really felt a great need to go try them out.


When I was living in Florence, Italy for a semester, there was a Lush store on one of the narrow cobblestone streets I took to walk to and from school, and as I would pass the storefront, I would always smell that signature Lush smell. So, one day I decided to pop in, take a look around and…I fell in love.


As much as I wanted to buy tons of products right then and there, I knew that I didn’t have room to bring back anything else in my suitcase, and I didn’t want to waste space on things I could get at home…for cheaper. So I held out and now, 8 months later, I finally had a chance to stop in my local Lush store with some Christmas money in hand and try out a couple products!


The first item I’m reviewing here is Lush’s ‘Pink’ Bath Bomb, described as a “vanilla bath time confection with saucy undertones.”

Inspired by the delightful Audrey Hepburn, Pink is sophisticated, sexy, elegant, and witty. Fragranced with edgy tonka bean, neroli, and the sweetness of vanilla absolute, it turns baths into candy-scented fantasies with a fragrance that lingers on your skin long after you’re out of the bath. It’s sweet, but not overbearingly so, with a subtle bite of something cheeky. Spoil yourself; instead of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, have an indulgent bath with Pink.



Inside the bath bomb were little paper confetti hearts of lavender and pink that were adorable at the bottom of my bath but a pain to scoop out of my bath drain catcher.


The color was lovely but the scent was not as strong in the water as I would have liked it to be. I would describe the scent as an initially caramelized sweet vanilla that was strong in the bomb before putting it in and lingered in the air, but my skin didn’t smell of vanilla when I got out. Perhaps I could have filled the tub with less water to get a stronger scent, although I’m not sure. I like to have a full bath to soak in. It wasn’t fruity at all but instead smelled ‘warm’, like a melted sugar candle.

LUSH Bath Bomb | I Think It's Ashley

The color is undeniably gorgeous and didn’t stain my white tub. After a long bath, there is usually a little ring around the tub and it was tinted pink, but came off as it usually does with a gentle scrub. I lit a Lemon Verbena three-wick candle from Bath & Body Works (half off for $12) and a Strawberry Rhubarb candle, slid in my pink confetti bath, and caught up on YouTube.




11 thoughts on “Lush’s ‘Pink’ Bath Bomb Review

  1. beckinablog says:

    Think Pink was my first ever LUSH bath bomb! It used to be in the Hello Gorgeous gift set which I got for my birthday one year. I do like it – not one of my favourites, but who doesn’t love a pink bath?! Brightside is my favourite LUSH bath product – a big orange citrus scented bubble bar. You should definitely give it a smell next time you’re at a store!
    Great post! xx

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